Swarovski Megan Pierced Earrings

Swarovski Megan Pierced EarringsA woman has always the desire to be look attractive and gorgeous.

Looking good is also a matter of wearing things that help make this happen and with these fashionable & elegant Swarovsky earings you will just look fabulous! Read more »


Citizen watches

citizen watchesI love Citizen watches! After all, they are one of the world’s largest producers of watches for a reason.

They are always stylish and beautiful watches. Citizen always seems to be a step above the competition and have watches with more uses than just “time and date”. Their Eco-Drive line of watches use a battery that recharges through a built in solar panel. Read more »


Erica Turquoise Gipsy Earrings with Rings and Charms

Looking for exotic earrings? Erica Turquoise Gipsy Earrings with Rings and Charms is the “it” eye-catching statement piece.

It features turquoise stones and elegant golden rings and charms -giving an authentic “Gipsy” look. It has an affordable price of $59.

Why wait? Purchase your Erica Turquoise Gipsy Earrings with Rings and Charms now!


Erica Colorful Chains Bracelet

Erica Colorful chains braceletErica Colorful Chains Bracelet with Gold-filled Charms is a unique statement piece. It features a delicate and trendy bracelet made of three colorful chains (green, red and turquoise) complimented by 3 gold-filled charms (hamsa, heart and bead).

A bracelet that is eye-catching without being over-the-top. It can be worn as casual wear or formal wear.

It has an affordable price of $75. Purchase your Erica Colorful Chains Bracelet with Gold-filled Charms now! Click Here to Purchase !


Erica – Heart Earrings with Swarovski crystals

Erica, Heart Earrings with Swarovski crystalsThey say one shouldn’t wear their heart on their sleeve…but why not their ears?

The Erica heart shaped earrings are a small yet noticeable addition to any look. The silver plated earrings are topped with turquoise Swarovski crystals adding a mix of shine and color to everything. The perfect accessory for a casual day’s wear or formal evening attire, every woman will find many wears with this purchase. The looped clasp allows the heart earrings to hang at just about 2.5CM, leaving no room to take away from ones personal beauty but just adds a bit of charm. The turquoise Swarovski crystals touch on the new trend of bright colors, but also makes note to the timeless class of turquoise.

The Erica, heart shaped earrings are the perfect timeless purchase. A style that will never go out and colors that will forever compliment. Don’t miss out on a perfected crafted piece, Swarovski crystal doesn’t just go anywhere!

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